OneBothell works to protect and preserve the environment and public open spaces in Bothell.  Projects that we currently focus on include working on how best to help the City as it begins planning for the development of the former Wayne Golf Course into a spectacular regional park, protecting trail connections on land around the former golf course, and providing education and participation in salmon restoration efforts. OneBothell is taking a leadership role in bringing the voice of the community to the City and assisting the City with its communication to the public.

OneBothell is currently recruiting new Board members to grow our organization into an active force for advocating, planning, education, and stewardship.

Commitments and responsibilities include a willingness to attend monthly Board meetings and occasional City meetings, participate in the visioning process for development, and make practical decisions regarding civic and volunteer projects benefiting the park. OneBothell functions as a conduit between the City and area residents to maximize the potential of our open spaces. In addition to decision-making, Board members will likely be involved with planning or implementing volunteer opportunities at the park, as well as determining and pursuing grant opportunities.

We are looking for people with one or more of these interests or abilities: 

  • Civic Enthusiasm — solidarity/networking/passion
  • Communication — written and spoken/social media/web skills
  • Finance — bookkeeping/accounting/grant writing (no degrees or CPAs required!)
  • Environment — biology/botany/zoology, etc.
  • Recreation — parks and recreation hands-on experience/outdoor enthusiasts/nature lovers

Appointment is a three-year (renewable) term. If you are interested or want more information, please contact Roger Burton at