The area northeast of Seattle where Bothell is located is already a hub of beloved trails. Three of them converge within several hundred feet of each other near the junction of Blyth Park, the former Wayne Golf Course, and the Sammamish River.

The Burke-Gilman trail is 19.8 miles long and originates near Golden Gardens in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. It ends in Bothell at Blyth Park. The Sammamish River Trail starts across the river at a trestle bridge abutting Blyth Park and extends 10.9 miles to Marymoor Park in Redmond. The Tolt Pipeline runs on the boundary of Blyth Park and the former Wayne Golf Course for 14 miles between Bothell and Duvall Park. A fantastic opportunity is presenting itself with the development of the Wayne land to link these three trails for seamless recreational possibilities.

Trail End

The end of the Tolt Pipeline Trail at the the Wayne Golf Course Property

The Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River trails both follow old railroad lines and are beloved by urban dwellers who walk, run, skate, or cycle the easy grade of less than three-percent. Both trails are heavily used by all ages of people year-round. The Tolt Pipeline trail is utilized mostly by rigorous athletes and hardy outdoors-people who hike or mountain bike its steep terrain and rugged slopes. Access to the Tolt can be problematic because of its location and disruptions with the occasional highway or river.

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Now the opportunity of three trails being conjoined is an exciting possibility. Conceivably, a person could travel by foot- or pedal-power from Ballard to Duvall with little obstruction. In addition to these three major trails, St. Edward State Park and Big Finn Hill Park in Kenmore with their combined 10 mile loop trail, and O.O. Denny Park in Kirkland with another six miles of trail, are close enough to the Tolt Pipeline Trail to further expand the opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a backcountry recreational feel within an urban setting.

King County has one of the best trail systems in the nation. Increasing connectivity by opening of the boundary between our newly acquired parkland and Blyth park would wrap the Tolt Pipeline into the system. That would be another feather in King County’s cap.