About Forterra

Dedicated to the people and places of the Pacific Northwest, Forterra is a regional sustainability organization working to keep this place special for today and future generations. Forterra focuses on how we live, work and play on our lands to address challenges stemming from mounting population growth, climate change and affordability. Working from cities to wilderness, Forterra thinks creatively and applies a broad range of skills including land conservation, real estate strategy, stewardship and restoration, policy innovation and community engagement. Today, Forterra has permanently protected more than $500 million worth of critical landscapes and improved the quality of life for people in over 94 Washington state communities.

For more info on Forterra go to forterra.org or forterra.org/savewayne

Our relationship with Forterra

Once we realized the significance of this land and how important to the public and conservation it was, we sought partners to help us preserve it. We were introduced to Forterra on February 25, 2015, at the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition’s Great Outdoors Lobby Day in Olympia. It was clear Forterra was a regional expert that could bring credibility to our mission and resources to partner with us to save Wayne from development. Also started as a grass roots organization, Forterra has saved hundreds of thousand acres of land during the past 25 years of its existence.

In early May 2015, OneBothell asked Forterra to step in and make an interim purchase of the property so as to prevent its imminent development and provide a window of opportunity in which to raise funds in order to secure the permanent conservation of the property. Forterra has acted with utmost urgency in its attempts to secure interim acquisition financing, negotiate the purchase of both the front nine and back nine, and raise permanent acquisition conservation funding. Overall, OneBothell and Forterra mutually intend to work together towards their mutually-desired ultimate goal for the property: permanent conservation.

On February 9, 2016, OneBothell entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Forterra as a commitment to together to acquire, fund, and steward a masterplan for the property. OneBothell agreed to:

  • Manage PR to keep awareness and momentum high for OneBothell’s leadership on the issue and Forterra’s role financing, negotiating, fundraising and disposition of the property with a goal for conservation and community benefits.
  • Manage public outreach to ensure understanding of project circumstances and to encourage support for both OneBothell’s and Forterra’s actions throughout all phases of project.
  • Engage elected officials on the Bothell City Council, King County Council and State Legislature, as well as the other elected officials who are helping OneBothell and Forterra conserve the property.
  • Engage and seek the support of stakeholders important for the initial financing, fundraising and disposition of the property including.
  • Ensure OneBothell’s long-term sustainability, including fundraising for on-going operational costs

Working together with an active community, along with backing from elected officials, we were able to gain control of the land on May 31, 2016, and focus on our funding efforts in earnest.

For the People. For the Land. Forever.