Friends of the City of Bothell and surrounding areas can all participate. The Wayne property is a regional issue.

The easiest way to help OneBothell is by adding your name to our list of supporters. It takes less than 30 seconds of your time, but greatly benefits our cause. Many citizens have already registered their support, which helped us successfully prevent development of Wayne Golf Course land. We are now pursuing grants, along with Forterra, King County, the City of Bothell and the state of Washington, to fund the final land purchase on behalf of the public. Organizations that offer grants to non-profit entities take into consideration how much support a non-profit (and its cause) has in the community. By registering your support of OneBothell, you help us obtain grants and solidify support from elected officials. Signing the online petition also allows us to connect with the community who are coming together to help us in our plight. It helps us understand how important issues are to them, so we can add their voices to our own.

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