Members of OneBothell Board were up early and out in force to support Forterra’s Annual Breakfast on Wednesday, April 27. More than 1,400 Western Washington early risers attended the impressive event, held in the Washington State Convention Center. The breakfast served both as fundraiser and celebration of Forterra’s wide-reaching and successful endeavors.


OneBothell’s landmark Wayne Golf Course preservation project was featured on the program, along with two other seminal success stories from El Centro de la Raza and Riverbend Farm. In his opening comments, President Gene Duvernov said Forterra is about relationships and real estate expertise that help achieve the dreams of organizations, such as OneBothell.

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The video on Wayne can be found here

OneBothell’s President, Jesse Sears, hosted a table consisting of Bothell City Council members, Rod Dembowski’s team from King County, and members of OneBothell. It was a great way to start the day, reinforcing the importance of saving this precious land and our good fortune to have Forterra as our partner. For more information on Forterra, click here:

Later that day, Duvernov wrote to us:

. . . you [OneBothell] are facing the Pacific Northwest’s urgent challenges head on. Life in this special place is always in flux; today we face challenges of rapid population growth, climate change, equity and more. With your support and engagement, this place will remain a place you love–and a place that your grandchildren (and their children) will love. Thank you for . . . leading the way.

We couldn’t help but think he was speaking to all of OneBothell’s supporters.