Jodie Galvan


Jodie currently serves the region as the Green Kirkland Partnership Supervisor for the City of Kirkland and teaches in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Practices program at Cascadia College. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Resources and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science, both from the University of Idaho.

Prior to her role with the City of Kirkland, she served as the Assistant Director of Sustainable Practices at Cascadia College and worked at Forterra NW where she raised public and private funding for conservation projects and implemented watershed scale habitat restoration programs.  She has also managed a visitor’s center for The Nature Conservancy in southeast Idaho and led the Solano Resource Conservation District in the implementation of soil, water and habitat best management practices in central California.

Sallie Glerum

Vice President

Sara “Sallie” Glerum retired from corporate America in 2005 to pursue life-long interests in writing and editing. She has a B.A. in Drama and Certificates in Non-Fiction and Editing from the University of Washington. She was a founder of the Lake Forest Park Streamkeepers in the ‘90s, a volunteer group formed to measure water quality quarterly in LFP’s two fish-bearing streams and founded its newsletter, Streamers, to report the group’s quarterly results.

Sallie has lived in Bothell since 2010 and actively participates in the community, including writing and editing material for the original OneBothell website. As a member of the Board, she looks forward to stoking community involvement in the restoration of the land comprising former Wayne Golf Course.

Whitney Neugebauer


Whitney completed degrees in Geology and Anthropology from Eckerd College prior to receiving her master’s degree in Marine and Environmental Affairs from the University of Washington. She went on to found Whale Scout in 2013, a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect Pacific Northwest whales in Puget Sound and the Salish Sea through land-based conservation experiences.

Previously, Whitney served on the board of Sound Action and she currently serves on the board of Friends of North Creek Forest. She also teaches kids jiu-jitsu at Evergreen Karate and Jiu-Jitsu in Bothell. She has lived in Bothell since 2010.

Roger Burton


Roger is a business owner and consulting actuary, managing his company, based in Bothell, since 2006. Roger has been a past board member of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and actively fundraises for them every year. He is active in local politics, currently serving as Chair of the Bothell’s Legislative District political group.

Roger grew up in Kenmore, and he has been a Bothell resident since 1997. He is an active cyclist, runner, and walker and frequents the local trails often. He helps to maintain the trail system on Norway Hill and Blyth Park and is working with the Board to help preserve and restore the park on the former Wayne Golf Course property, as well as to expand recreational opportunities in the City.

Jonty Barnes

Communications Director

Jonty was a co-founder of OneBothell and now serves as a publicist and digital media manager. In this capacity, he oversees communication about the organization’s purpose and activities, assuring public awareness and current, accessible information through media coverage and our website here at

Jonty has been involved with the games industry since 1989, most notably as Al Programmer for Bullfrog’s Dungeon Keeper, and leading game teams and serving on the board at Bungie, the company responsible for inventing two popular video game franchises, “Halo” and “Destiny.” His degree in Computer Systems Engineering is from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England. He has lived in Bothell since 2006. Jonty greatly enjoys the outdoors, his hobbies include skiing and hiking and he is a self-described obsessed soccer fan.

David Bain

David Bain


David actively works with the nonprofit community to restore the health of Puget Sound. He has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, with post-doctoral work at the UC-Davis and the National Marine Mammal Lab in Seattle. He has been studying killer whales since 1978, helping develop killer whale recovery strategies in the US and Canada, and the marine-life portion of the Northwest’s oil spill response plan.

He is president of Cascadia Environmental Science Center, Vice President of Friends of North Creek Forest and is on the Bothell Shoreline Board. He also serves on the boards of Sound Action, SnoKing Watershed Council, Orca Conservancy and Bothell Parks Foundation, and has been active in the King and Snohomish/Camano ECO Nets. David received a Puget Sound Hero Award from People for Puget Sound for his work protecting the nearshore habitat of Maury Island from development. He has lived in Bothell since 1998.

Judy Carpenter


Judy has been in the Insurance Brokerage business for the last 45 years and is now retired. She is the current Board President of the Village at Riverbend Homeowners Condominium Association.

Judy has been a Bothell resident since 2007. She worked closely with OneBothell when it was founded and attended numerous Bothell Planning and City Council meetings advocating the preservation of Wayne Golf Course and now as part of the team working closely with the City to promote and restore the park.

Jesse Sears


Jesse, Immediate Past President (2014-18) and founding member of OneBothell, has made numerous appearances in public forums informing and educating citizens about the need for, and benefits of, open space and restoration of fish and wildlife habitat. Jesse was instrumental in the development of OneBothell’s mission and subsequent success.

A local firefighter, Jesse holds an Associate Degree in Fire Technology from Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation and a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Organizational Learning from the University of Idaho. He has lived in Bothell since 2010. Jesse has been a Whitewater rafting guide for 15 years, participates in other water adventure activities, and is known for his expertise in water rescue.


James McNeal

Past President and Founding Member

Founding member James McNeal stepped away from the Board of Directors after being elected to the Bothell City Council in November 2014. Although the organization’s directors were saddened by the resignation of their president, they understood James’ need to fulfill his campaign pledge of transparency. James served as a passionate and outspoken advocate for OneBothell’s original mission of preserving Wayne Golf Course as open space. His disassociation from the possibility of political overtones allows him to conduct city business without bias.

Growing up in Bothell, James’s abiding affection for the region has never wavered. He and his wife care so deeply for the city, they have intentionally chosen it to be home for them and their twin sons. In addition to serving the City of Bothell as a council member and his work as a project manager for a construction company, James volunteers as a Little League coach and at i9 Sports.