100% of your donation goes towards land acquisition. OneBothell is able to accomplish this because we are run entirely by volunteers and have received grants and gifts to cover our operational costs.

While we are confident the majority of the land acquisition funding will come from conservation grants, some grants match public donations and others are contingent on the public support. Every donation counts, no matter how small.

It takes less than $0.36 to save a square foot of land… so we are asking you to show your support through buying the actual land. Won’t that be a strong statement to tell your friends and family.

We are a 5013(c) so your donation is tax deductible. Our Tax-ID/EIN is: 47-3307508.

Many local companies have employee matching donation programs for non-profits. Please check with your Human Resources department to see if it offers a matching gifts program. You might need to the HR department to set up OneBothell as a qualified charity in its system. Use EIN 47-3307508. If you have any problems setting it up, please ask your HR team to email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Other Methods to Donate

You can also donate by sending us a check made payable to OneBothell. This is a good option as there are no transactions fees. We will send you a receipt for your records.

Mail checks to: OneBothell, PO Box 342 Bothell, WA 98041

Other ways to help