OneBothell President and Co-founder, James McNeal, has resigned from the Board of Directors effective November 4th 2015. James was elected to the Bothell City Council in the November 3rd general election. In an effort to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, if and when the council weighs in on the future of Wayne Golf Course, James felt it was best to focus his efforts on city business.  James ran on a campaign platform that included responsible development with a commitment to maintain open space and recreational areas in Bothell.

“My experience with OneBothell has been an amazing journey” McNeal said. “Founding a non-profit organization to protect the vital community resource known as the Wayne Golf Course has connected me with the community in ways I could have never imagined. It was this experience that led me to run for City Council and I remain committed to the preservation of open space for future generations of Bothell citizens.”

OneBothell was founded in January 2015 in response to a grassroots movement determined to save Wayne from development. Three Bothell residents, McNeal, Jesse Sears, and Jonty Barnes initially formed the organization as a way of harnessing the public outcry which arose from notice of rezoning part of the golf course for housing. The group has since received nonprofit status as a Washington state registered 501(c)3 organization. It continues to work with the largest land conservation nonprofit in the state, Forterra, on behalf of acquiring Wayne land for public use.

The Board of Directors of OneBothell named Jesse Sears as its new President. Sears’ impassioned ability to express OneBothell’s mission assures that momentum to preserve the precious and historic open space will continue to surge. Sears, Barnes, and the other directors will continue to steer the activities and advocacies of OneBothell.

“James has been an integral part of OneBothell and we wish him all the best in his new role” said Sears. “The Board of Directors is looking forward to working together with the new Bothell City Council to preserve this precious regional asset visit our website.”

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