You may be noticing some changes to the back 9 area of the former Wayne Golf Course. Here’s a message directly from the Bothell Parks Department regarding mowing practices:

“The back 9 was purchased with highly restrictive critical area/habitat restoration grants, excluding the 5 acres near the road (where the house, out buildings and old apple orchard currently sit). That means we cannot actively maintain the acreage outside of that 5 acres with the exception of the trail (former golf cart path) that we are currently maintaining for access.”

Other changes are coming to the park. The orchard area suffered enormous damage over the last year during drought and severe snow storm conditions. An expert assessed the trees and determined that the vast majority of the trees were unsafe. The city will remove these trees in the coming weeks.

This is an exciting time for change and development of our city’s newest park. There is an upcoming opportunity to make your voice heard not just regarding the former Wayne Golf Course but for parks, recreation, and open space throughout the entire City of Bothell. Every six years, the Parks and Recreation Department updates the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan. There will be opportunities for public involvement during this process. For more information go to:

Thanks so much for your interest in this beautiful park and we look forward to continuing to work with our wonderful community and city staff.

– Whitney Neugebauer
President, OneBothell