King County Council member Rod Dembowski, having heard about OneBothell, was invited to meet the group to better understand práh* what we are 5 trying to achieve.


Garrett Holbrook, Legislative Aide & Director of Constituent Relations, joined McAuliffe Rod for our meeting.

Jesse presented the latest information from základní OneBothell and ?? our plans going forward. During the presentation Rod provided <a href="http://www lisinopril”>Some context to King County’s cheap mlb jerseys role in the history of the land and communicated the ways King Country could help us going forward.


He declared that he was personally very supportive of our mission, and would continue to work with us to make sure we’re making the right decisions for the people of King County and help us keep people informed on the future of Wayne Golf Course and the importance of the recreational corridor in Bothell.

Council member Rod Dembowski is an infectiously positive person. It was a real pleasure to spend time with him and Garrett, and since our meeting they’ve both been very supportive.

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