The owners of Wayne Golf Course were trying to rezone approximately 4.1 acres of the front nine of the golf course. The current zoning is R 9600, and they wanted to change it to SR 520. The below link is from the December 17, 2014, meeting.

Public notice of proposed rezoning

This rezoning would have allowed the Wayne Golf Course or future developers to build multifamily buildings, restaurants, etc., on this land. The submitted site proposal depicted 76 townhomes on the 4.1 acres.

Wayne Golf Course Development Site Plan

Here is a map of the front nine of Wayne Golf Course and the area that would have been affected by the development.

Development site map

During the December 17 2014 City of Bothell planning meeting, the city staff recommended changing the zoning from R9600 on 4.1 acres with existing clubhouse/restaurant: 2-10 employees – or the potential for 14 lots or 39 population. The proposed designation of R-AC, OP, NB: would allow for 3-15 employees – 76 townhomes or 152 population (per applicant’s proposal).

Zoning change map

On May 30, 2014, a development group acquired the right to purchase the back nine with the intention of building 50 houses on the fairways within its current zoning of R 9600.

Wayne Conceptual Back Nine Subdivision

Thankfully, with active community support, partnering with Forterra, and backing from elected officials, we were able to gain control of the land for the public.