If you ever doubted  the value of a single opinion about a large project, you’d be convinced of its worth after attending Visioning Wayne Golf Course, Session-1 held at City Hall May 2

Picture this: Large, colorful maps of Wayne titled “Version 1 and Version 2” tacked up on the walls and laid out on tables so everyone can get up close to visualize possible scenarios at Wayne. Attendees  walking around the room chattering excitedly, asking questions of each other and the many leaders (from the City, OneBothell, Forterra, and county government) who are in attendance.  When people are invited to take a seat for the presentation, every chair is taken in City Council Chambers, with spillover attendees standing in the back of the room lisinopril 40 mg.

After a short overview offered by leaders of OneBothell, Forterra, and the City,  Jim Brennan of J.A. Brennan Consultants stands up to explain how the drawings are meant to ignite ideas, yet reflect science-guided design.  As the tightly managed meeting progresses, the attentive crowd erupts several times in applause.

“These are science guided designs,” explains Brennan, as he shows a slide with four puzzle pieces on it. “It’s is a complicated process but we want total transparency.” And each speaker reinforces the notion that without citizen input, the potential of the land will fall short.

During the wonderfully lively and interesting survey  conducted with radio-wave clickers distributed among fifty attendees, opinions are  gathered and summarized almost immediately. Questions range from topics like “is a restroom important?” (Yes)  to “should Frisbee golf be offered at Wayne?” (No). The audience can immediately see trends, but all agree the sampling of opinion is much too small.

Very soon, a Web-based survey will be available for everyone in Bothell to respond to—and anyone in neighboring communities who ignited with passion and interest in the outcome of the Wayne land. Barbara Ramey, Communication Director, tells the group to spread the word. The survey link is be on the June Bothell Bridge, the City Web site and all City social media sites. The survey is hugely important in this process, and the larger the base, the better.

After breakout sessions where the participants gather in table-sized groups to comment on one-or-the-other  maps, small-group feedback is shared with the larger group. The two hour session flies by, with lively discussion and opinions and much eagerness over feedback process.

In the words of one Bothell citizen as she headed home after the jam-packed two hours, “This is the best city-sponsored session I’ve ever attended. Not only was it well organized, but it was filled with concrete ideas with plenty of opportunity for listening and feedback.”

As the crowd disperses, there’s lots of chatter about how exciting it is to be in on the ground floor of this wonderful project.

Visioning Wayne Golf Course, Session-2 will be coming up soon. Watch for more information.