Greetings Wayne Sammamish Park Supporter,

This is it.  The moment has come for the City of Bothell to turn our community’s dream of a great regional park into a reality and we need your help.

The Bothell City Council vote to purchase the Front 9 of the Wayne Golf Course is scheduled for Nov. 14th, 6:00 pm at Bothell City Hall. The City has decided to split the decision date – with the vote for the Back 9 occurring on December 12th.

Please attend the Council meeting this Tuesday the 14th November and also on December 12th to demonstrate your support for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

We need to show the Council that this is a project the community of Bothell wants to see happen.

In addition, if you have time please send the Bothell Councilmembers a letter of support (see the link to their contact information and sample language below).

Thank YOU for your efforts.  We’ll see you on Tuesday.


Jesse Sears, President OneBothell

Link to the Bothell Councilmembers’ contact information.

Dear City Council Member,

I urge you to vote yes to purchase the entirety of the former Wayne Golf Course.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make Bothell more resilient, boost our economy, care for our watershed, and provide a place of respite for our people.  The Wayne Golf Course is a key place for both human and salmon habitat – positioned along the Burke-Gilman Trail, with the Sammamish River running through it, in the middle of a community experiencing major growth.  We simply cannot let this opportunity pass us by.

I envision this future regional park as a place for people to enjoy nature and the outdoors, and as a place for the community to gather. I believe visitors will come to this property to walk its trails, watch the birds and salmon, play with their families, and enjoy Bothell’s shops and restaurants.  And as a leader of our community, I look to you to transform this vision into reality.

Please vote “yes” to purchase both pieces of this property.

All the best,