A second lively Wayne Visioning session got underway June 23 at City Hall with an introduction by Bothell Parks and Recreation Director John Keates.

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The consultant for the preliminary visioning project, J.R. Brennan, presented an informative overview of the survey compiled from 1,067 responses. Enjoying nature, relaxing, and passive recreation with family and friends topped the preferences, with connection to trails and habitat restoration ranking high with everyone.  As Brennan talked through the list of possibilities that could be funded by grants, comments from the 35 audience members became focused and evocative. The ensuing dialogue enlightened all attendees as both private citizens, city staff, representatives from King County and the state of Washington, Forterra, and OneBothell, shared ideas about the possibilities for Wayne. What began as a general exercise intended to discover and solidify priorities for the property ended with unified commitment for continued focus on the best way to utilize this amazing opportunity.

You can read J.R. Brennan’s presentation here.

Below is the questionnaire at the end used to inform council on the decision they need to make having heard public input. How much land do they want to reserve unrestricted, and how will they approach funding it?